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TRINITY is Skip Shea's first feature length film based on a true story. It follows Michael, an artist. While getting his morning coffee at his sister's coffee shop, Michael accidently bumps into the priest who abused him when he was a child, triggering a surreal trip through his past, with stopovers in three churches—until he snaps back to the present moment and decides how to confront the monster that haunts him.

"Trinity" is based on an event that happened in Shea's life when he ran into the priest who had abused him when he was a child and who was now working in a local bookstore. That random encounter triggered a dissociative experience, which is at the heart of the film.

"Trinity" was shot on location in the Historic Blackstone Valley which rests between the cities of Worcester, MA and Providence, RI. Other locations included Rome, Italy and studio space in New York City and Carpinteria, California. 

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