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Trinity Screens at the Former House of Affirmation

Skip Shea's TRINITY at the fomer House of Affirmation.png

Skip Shea's Award WinningTrinity to screen at Estate of Mind, the former House of Affirmation, as a benefit for

The House of Affirmation was a treatment center for priests with psychological issues, including pedophillia. However the priest who started it, Fr. Kane, was himself a pedophile and they networked children in the Blackstone Valley. Including Shea who returns to remind people of this history of clergy abuse in the Diocese of Worcester.

From the Bishop Accountability Website:


Bishop Accountability is the largest public library of information on the Catholic clergy abuse crisis.  We are a digital collection of documents, survivor witness, investigative reports, and media coverage.  We also do basic research on abuser histories and church management, and we maintain definitive databases of persons accused in the United States, Argentina, Chile, and Ireland, with other databases in development. 

We are not an advocacy organization, and we take no position on possible remedies for the crisis.  We are a library open to everyone looking to understand the problem of clergy abuse of children.

The materials we have collected also provide insight into child protection generally and Catholic history beyond the abuse crisis, and they comprise a unique case study of institutional response to misconduct and demands for change.



Estate of Mind 120 Hill St, Whitinsville MA, 01588

Doors open at 7:00PM for a reception, screening at 8:00PM with a Q&A after.
Tickets are $20.00 and can be purchased here.

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